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Delaware grape


Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with good conditions that allow sweet fruit to grow well. These include meltwater from Mt. Hakusan, clean water in Noto, and relatively fine weather during the rainy season. Grapes are a major fruit crop. The Delaware grape, which is mainly cultivated in sand dunes, is popular; it has a pronounced sweetness and no seeds, which makes it easy to eat. There are many production areas in Japan. The grapes cultivated in Ishikawa are filling, because they are large. Some vineyards offer grape-picking to visitors or sell their grapes directly to them. Freshly-picked grapes are a real treat.

Best season 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3
Production site Hodatsushimizu Town, Hakui City, Kahoku City, Kanazawa City, Komatsu City, Kaga City
Yield/Delivery amount 540 tons
Appearance Small grapes measuring 1 cm in diameter, with reddish-purple skin
Size Approx. 150-200 grams
Raw/Cooked Raw


Grape preserved in syrup

Grape jelly