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Sweet potato (Gorojima Kintoki)


There is a lot of sweet potato cultivation in Ishikawa Prefecture: Gorojima-kintoki in the sand dune area of Kanazawa City, Kahokkuri in Kahoku City, Noto-kintoki, which is certified as a Noto vegetable, etc. Gorojima-kintoki, one of the official Kaga Vegetables, is a “brand-name sweet potato” variety that is known all over Japan for its glossy appearance and sweetness. On a quality-over-quantity basis, less fertilizer is applied in order to increase the starch content of the potato. Thus, Gorojima-kintoki is characterized by its high sugar content and low moisture. It is also suitable for processing; sweets, soft ice cream, distilled liquor and other products have been developed. When cooking, adding heat slowly increases sweetness.

Best season 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3
Production site Shika Town, Kahoku City, Uchinada Town, Kanazawa City
Yield/Delivery amount 2,285 tons
Appearance Glossy and dense.  It looks beautiful with its fine roots meticulously removed.
Size Approx. 200-400 grams
Raw/Cooked Cooked
Serving suggestions Baked, steamed, boiled
Type of dish Japanese/ Western/ Chinese


Steamed dumplings made with sweet potato and minced meat

Deep-fried sweet potato dressed with honey sauce

Squid stuffed with sweet potato and rice