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Horned turban shell


Ishikawa Prefecture is among the top producers of horned turban shells in terms of total catch. They are harvested using two main methods: in the Wajima/ Hegurajima area they are collected by women shell-divers, and gill-net fishing is carried out throughout the prefecture. The latter method takes advantage of the species’ nocturnal behavior. Nets are set at the bottom of the sea in such a way that they catch the horns of the shells. Most of the shells are harvested using the former method. Because the divers collect them one by one with their hands, they sustain little damage. They are sold alive. The best way to eat them is to grill them alive and pour soy sauce onto them when they are cooked. It is also good to eat them raw as sashimi to enjoy their texture.

Best season 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3
Production site All over Ishikawa Prefecture
Yield/Delivery amount 281 tons
Appearance Gastropod, with pointed horns sticking out of the shell
Size Approx. 10 cm
Raw/Cooked Cooked / Raw
Serving suggestions Grilled, sashimi, cooked with rice
Type of dish Japanese/ Western/ Chinese