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Kinshi-uri (spaghetti squash)


It looks like a melon, but actually it is a variety of squash. An indispensable ingredient for Buddhist-event dishes, it has been mainly cultivated to eat at home rather than for commercial production. In recent years, full-scale cultivation of this squash has been carried out, and it is certified as a Noto Vegetable. If you chop the squash with its skin into four or five equal rounds and boil it, its flesh will fall away from the fruit in golden strands. It is such a mysterious vegetable. Another way of cooking it is to microwave it for about four minutes. Strand-like fibers separated from the main part can be chilled and served vinegard or dressed with miso or another sauce, which make it easy to enjoy their texture. In other countries, they are reportedly mixed with sauce and enjoyed just like pasta.

Best season 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3
Production site Nanao City, Nakanoto Town
Yield/Delivery amount 8.4 tons
Appearance Oblong in shape, with yellow skin. It looks like a melon.
Size 20-30 cm in length, rugby-ball shaped
Raw/Cooked Raw
Serving suggestions Vinegared, dressed with miso or another sauce, pickles
Type of dish Japanese/ Western


Deep-fried spaghetti squash dressed with a thick sauce

Spaghetti-squash soup

Fried bean-curd stuffed with spaghetti squash